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What is "Sportsmax"?

“Sportsmax” is an hour-long radio sports talk show that airs once a week on stations across South Dakota. The show was originated by the late sportscaster Tom Maxwell in 1996, and has been on the air ever since. The title of the show not only honors Tom, but also describes what the program is all about.

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ABOUT "sportsmax"

Each week, thousands of listeners across the state get the opportunity to hear from the people that make sports great in South Dakota. Every show has a specific topic, and “Sportsmax” features the most informative guests. Topics range from traditional high school, college, and professional sports to other activities including motorsports, the outdoors, and much more. Coaches, athletes, sportswriters, broadcasters, authors, administrators, historians, and even psychologists are interviewed each week to give the “Sportsmax” audience an informative and entertaining way to spend an hour. The ongoing quality of the show is what has made “Sportsmax” appointment listening.

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“Sportsmax” is now hosted by Mike Henriksen. Mike has been a broadcaster in towns across South Dakota for the past 30 years. Prior to taking over “Sportsmax”, Henriksen was co-host of a daily sports talk show in Sioux Falls. Mike also is the co-host of a daily sports talk show, "Calling All Sports with Mark O and Mike H" with Mark Ovenden of KDLT Sports that airs on 9 stations. In addition, Mike continues his work as an award-winning play-by-play announcer for South Dakota Public Television and on local radio stations. He also serves as a sports historian and has done voice-over work for 2 award-winning sports documentaries: "100 Yards, 100 Years" and "Kings of the Court" for SDPB. The contacts that Henriksen has established through the years means that “Sportsmax” will continue to provide its listeners with fascinating guests and insightful points of view. It also means that the show will have a high profile as Mike promotes “Sportsmax” on his many television and radio appearances.

“Sportsmax” is recorded each week, and then downloaded via the web for the affiliate stations. This keeps the show topical and flexible. Stations primarily air “Sportsmax” on Friday evenings prior to their high school sports coverage, or on Saturday mornings adjacent to their local “coach’s show”. “Sportsmax” reaches its target audience.

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The Future

The future of “Sportsmax” has never been brighter. A record number of stations air the show each week. Emails, texts, phone calls, and personal comments complimenting the program are at an all-time high. New advertisers are finding that their message is being heard by thousands of potential new customers for a very cost-effective price. And each week, listeners across the state continue to be informed and entertained by “Sportsmax”.

Scotty Kwas, KJJQ Brookings

"Sports in South Dakota is not just something we enjoy, it is a large part of who we are! Over the years, Mike has been in every corner of the state and shaken hands with a lot of people. He doesn't just talk sports, he does sports. With his decades of South Dakota sports knowledge, Mike knows how to go beyond the scores and stats, and bring great stories and legends to life!"